1. Customer Focused
With over 12 years of employment and litigation experience, Badger Legal Group understands more than your legal issues.  Our focus is to keep your business running smoothly while responding to employment concerns.  Our strategy is to always resolve your employment issues in the way that makes the most sense for your entire business.
2. Collaborative
Badger Legal Group understands that employment cases impact your entire business.  We work collaboratively with your staff, human resources group, insurers and other legal counsel to provide the most informed answers to your employments concerns.  Business owners and HR professionals need legal answers that make sense to all the constituents in their business.  Badger Legal Group works with your whole organization to come up with the best possible legal solutions.
3. Connected
Even federal and state laws can be local.  If you, or your counsel, do not understand what is unique about where your employment case is being litigated, you are missing the whole picture.  BLG can provide you with the knowledge and familiarity with local courts and state agencies in Central and Western Massachusetts to understand how developments in employment law will impact your case.

4. Cost Effective
Employment problems are disruptive enough without unexpected legal fees.  Badger Legal Group is committed to advising you of the costs of your litigation or counseling up front and informing you immediately if there is a reason for your budget to change.   We will give you real value for each dollar spent.