Badger Legal Group is an employment specialty law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost-effective legal services to employers in Massachusetts.

Managing employees professionally is a complicated and demanding job.
We are here to assist you in refining your human resources practices, protecting
your company from employee misconduct and defending legal claims.

Counseling about company policies and practices is a valuable resource for
your organization.  Whether you are looking for expert guidance on a difficult
employee matter or reviewing company policies, we provide expertise that allows
you to prevent expensive legal problems before they start.

Protecting your company's resources and intellectual property is a cornerstone
of good employee management.  From absenteeism to enforcement of
noncompetition agreements, we can help you to stay focused on your business
and its bottom line rather being distracted with employee-related matters.

Defending your business from employee legal claims is more than a
"cost of business." It is a potential disruption to your workforces, your
profitability and your good name.  From understanding your company's HR
policies to working seamlessly with your front office on cost and strategy issues,
we are a partner with your HR team in protecting your business from employee
legal claims.